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Arrest counts provide a measure of law enforcement’s response to crime. The arrest practices for certain conduct like drunkenness, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, and related violations may differ amongst agencies. However, the practices for more serious conduct like robbery, burglary, and other serious crime are more likely to be uniform across all jurisdictions. Reporting procedures require that an arrest be counted on each separate occasion a person is taken into custody or cited. NIBRS arrests include the following three categories:

a) On-View Arrest (apprehension without a warrant or previous incident report)

b) Summoned/Cited (not taken into custody)

c) Taken into Custody

Annual arrest figures do not measure the number of individuals arrested, since one person may be arrested several times during the year for the same crime or different crimes. One person can also be arrested for multiple crimes at the same time; this is indicated in NIBRS through the use of the multiple arrest indicator.

Note: The data in this theme is NIBRS and only reflects data from agencies who have successfully submitted NIBRS data for the selected year. 

Total Arrests


Crimes Against Person Arrests by Offense

Crimes Against Property Arrests by Offense

Crimes Against Society Arrests by Offense

Group B Arrests by Offense

Juvenile vs. Adult Arrests

Note: Juvenile Arrests are those who are arrested under 18 years of age.

Arrests by Arrestee Age and Gender

Arrests by Arrestee Gender and Race